Targeted Leaflet Distribution

We offer a reliable, guaranteed, distribution service for distributing leaflets, samples, newspapers and magazines within Liverpool, using adult staffs who work in a professional manner. We have a sophisticated Door Drop targeting system which ensures that your leaflets are delivered to the customers you are aiming to attract. Using targeted letterbox distribution system allows smaller and more tactical campaigns, while maintaining the quality of responds giving our clients a higher return on investment.

We can target your delivery through:

  • Mosaic Demographic Profiles
  •  Postcode Areas
  •  Highlighted  Areas of maps
  •  List of Street Names
  •  Council Boundaries
  •  Areas Surrounding your business
  •  To your Individual Needs

If you can advise us who you see as your potential customers, we have experience and technology to develop this and build your leaflet campaign in order to hit your desired target audience and thus achieving a better response rate, using one of the most reliable and discriminative targeting solutions on the market today.

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