Price Guide

We offer different pricing and distribution options to suit your campaigns, budgets and requirement.

Solus Leaflet distribution

Your leaflets are delivered on their own meaning there are no other leaflets to compete with for the recipients’ attention guaranteeing the best response from your campaign. Solus leaflet delivery is particularly suitable if you have date sensitive promotional leaflets to be delivered.

Prices from £40.00 plus VAT per 1000 leaflets.

Shared leaflets distribution

This is where your leaflets are delivered with up to 4 other non competing leaflets. The impact of shared leaflet distribution is diluted when compared with Solus leaflet distribution and shared leaflet distribution is subject to area availability. The rates are lower as your company is sharing the delivery, therefore sharing the distribution cost. Depending on how many other leaflets are delivered at the same time the price reduces accordingly. Make an enquiry to find out about shared leaflet delivery availability in your area.

Alongside one other item - Prices from £30.00 plus VAT per 1000 leaflets Alongside two other items - Prices from £28.00 plus VAT per 1000 leaflets Alongside three other items - Prices from £25.00 plus VAT per 1000 leaflets

Magazines and Papers Prices from £60.00 plus VAT

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